Mindfulness has the potential to transform the culture of a school. Studies consistently show that when students practice mindfulness, they concentrate better, are less stressed, and more kind. With more research coming out demonstrating the impact of mindfulness on academic performance, schools nationwide are implementing mindfulness programs. As awareness of the critical role that student’s social and emotional well-being plays in healthy development, mindfulness education will become a fixture within education.


Patrick works with high schools to develop and implement mindfulness programs that are customized to fit each school’s unique culture. Through extensive experience and research, Patrick has identified two effective models to implement mindfulness in schools:

Model 1: Hiring a full-time mindfulness teacher to take the lead on developing mindfulness specific classes and programming within the school.

Model 2: Engaging an already existing school official to take responsibility for mindfulness programming and help integrate mindfulness through pre-existing school programs (outdoor ed, athletic departments, peer leadership groups, human development classes, etc.), while adding a few mindfulness-specific programs. 

See Patrick’s article on these models here.


Patrick has visited over 65 schools over the last decade (see a full list of schools here). He attended independent and public schools growing up. As an educator himself, he has spoken with dozens of administrators, students, and faculty members across the country to get a comprehensive understanding for how mindfulness programming can fit into schools. Patrick specializes in working with charter high schools and independent K-12 schools.

He has presented at the annual Southeast Association of Independent Schools conference (SAIS), the Northwest Association of Independent Schools (NWAIS) Annual Heads of School meeting, and the 2015 annual National Association of Independent Schools (NAIS) meeting on school mindfulness programs. Patrick has taught semester long mindfulness classes at independent and charter schools in the San Francisco Bay Area, including leading mindfulness programming at Metwest High School in Oakland. This diversity of experience has made Patrick intimately acquainted with the culture of pressure and the often challenging realities of implementing new programming in different school contexts.


Patrick works with schools throughout the world, specializing in mindfulness programming for charter high schools and independent K-12 schools.

Patrick is currently working with Crystal Springs Uplands School to help develop a high school-wide mindfulness program.


"The program improved our student's overall social emotional health and provided them with tools to manage their stress level.  Patrick is young and energetic, which allowed him to connect closely with high school students.  It was a pleasure to have Patrick be part of our school community." - Ting Hsu Engleman, Principlal, MIllenium High School

"Patrick's mindfulness work with our young people provided our students with tools and strategies to be more centered when responding to stress and conflict. It also benefitted our teachers who found the new ways of thinking supportive of their well-being and positive presence with our students.  Patrick effectively engaged students in groups and also served as a powerful mentor to individuals." - Sean McClung, former Principal, Metwest High School