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  • Stanford Social Innovation Review Webinar: Rebooting the American High School with Neuroscience and Purpose Learning

    Patrick will co-lead this this webinar on May 24th that will explore:

    • What does the future of high school look like in the next 10, 20, and 30 years? Where are the trends pointing?
    • How can the growth of neuroscience help us develop better learning systems and strategies for our students?
    • What is the future of product- and project-based learning, and how does this fit into new models of innovative high schools around the country?
    • How do all these trends look in light of the new administration in Washington?

    High school should be a launching pad to a meaningful life. Instead, this rite of passage is often a missed opportunity filled with apathy, purposelessness, and anxiety. The three words most frequently used by students in the United States to describe their high school experience are “tired,” “stressed,” and “bored.” This is largely because US high schools are unengaging and based on a hundred-year-old model designed for a different era. With the rise of automation, increased technological resources, and more radical experiments being explored in today’s education landscape, American high schools need more scientific approaches to redesigning curricula. Join our expert panelists in this webinar! Patrick Cook-Deegan is a lecturer at Stanford’s and the founder of Project Wayfinder—a program designed to help students discover purpose and become meaning-makers. And Bob Lenz is the executive director of the Buck Institute, a leading project-based learning organization, and the founder of Envision schools—a network of innovative high schools in the San Francisco Bay Area.

    The audience will be encouraged to ask the speakers questions during the webinar to explore this topic further.

    Price for this webinar: $55. This price includes access to the live webinar; unlimited access to the webinar as many times as you’d like for twelve months at your convenience; and downloadable slides.