Patrick works with young men combining conventional mentoring and coaching principles with mindfulness meditation.

  • Mindfulness is a tool to help mentees be more present and emotionally aware in daily life.
  • Coaching helps young men focus on short-term goals while creating a bigger vision for their lives.
  • The mentoring aspect of the relationship allows mentees to develop their values and leadership skills. 
  • Mentoring includes excercises from Project Wayfinder used to help young people discover a sense of purpose

This unique combination of methods helps young men find meaning and purpose in their own lives.


Patrick meets twice a month with young men (ages 15-24) in person or via Skype. Sessions include two meditation practices which bookend a longer dialogue about the big five (school, relationship, family life, friends, and extracurriculars), and a conversation about recent life changes. Patrick provides follow up resources on a regular basis and sets short and long-term goals with mentees. Parents are updated about the mentoring process monthly.

Patrick offers one free in-person or phone mentoring session with prospective mentees. This includes talking with prospective mentees and parents.

Click here to read how this process benefits mentees with examples of follow up resources and areas covered during the mentoring process.


  • This article reviews the importance of mindfulness for teens. Mindfulness is especially critical as adolescents go through the process of “neural pruning” which sets in place major linkages in the brain.
  • This article documents the neuroscience of positive coaching. The article explains how positive coaching reduces the stress of mentees, increases positive neural pathways, and increases motivation to work towards a positive future.
  • This article from the GoodWork Project examines the dearth of good mentors and  how a persistent, creative, and committed mentor is valuable for young people.


Patrick works with young men ages 15-24 from all different backgrounds. He has worked with students from public schools, independent schools, gap year students, post-graduates, and those figuring out academic and non-academic paths. He has developed strategies to deal with stress for otherwise thriving students as well as students struggling to fit into school systems. Patrick specifically works with young men to be able to connect his own experiences as an adolescent male with those of his mentees.

Click here to read Jackson's mentoring story with Patrick. 


Patrick offers one free in-person or phone mentoring session with prospective mentees. Email Patrick to set up a free initial mentoring session. This includes talking with prospective mentees and parents.

If a good fit for both the mentee and Patrick, they will start a mentoring relationship. Once Patrick starts to work with mentees, there is a minimum commitment of 8 sessions. Mentoring relationships have lasted anywhere from 6 months to 5 years.

The Monthly Mentoring package includes: 2 in-person or skype sessions, monthly parent check-in, follow up resources for mentees in between sessions, and text/email in between sessions.


"I have looked for years to find a supportive structure to help my son come into his own as a young man – to help him create a life that has meaning.  Patrick is that person.  I am so relieved and grateful to have him as a regular figure in my son’s life. I know this is going to be one of those relationships that changes his life.” – Isabelle Bailey, mother of mentee

“As a young man who has walked his own adventurous path through travel, wilderness exploration, and a disciplined meditative practice, Patrick is a trustworthy mentor/guide for a young person looking for support and direction. Patrick is a kind, light-hearted, open-minded facilitator of conversations with young people. He challenges young men to examine thoughts and behavior patterns through a mindful lens.”   - Pamela Landrau, School Counselor, Millenium High School.