"Patrick's message — that all people can and should have lives of purpose and meaning — is as inspiring as it is timely.  Through his own personal example, he challenges students to take healthy risks and to be their best selves. Any time I move to a new school, I always bring Patrick to speak to my students — he is amazing." - Lee Hark, Assistant Head of School and Upper School Director, Durham Academy

"Honestly, your speech has influenced me tremendously. I realized how much one person could do and I was amazed. I had the next period free and I immediately called my parents and told them I wanted to help build a school in India." - Zubin Sharma, 12th grade, the Hotchkiss School

"I would like to tell you that out of the four years I've been at Thayer, you were hands down my favorite speaker. As you said, our average age for speakers is usually mid 40's or higher, so it was really great to have someone so close in age be able to present to us...You are an amazing speaker and you have truly motivated me to do my very best I can for others." - Jess Pereira, 10th grade, Thayer Academy

“For the last year, Patrick has been meeting with my son regularly for mentoring sessions, and in that time, Ryan has gone much further with the fledgling apparel company he started, is excited about the future, ambitious, and goal-oriented. I credit Patrick's support and guidance in part for this transformation in my son.”Christy White, mother of mentee

"Having Patrick as my mentor was a great experience. One thing Patrick did for me  beyond past mentors: be a good friend. He always encouraged me to do great things and was there for me in my dark times. In doing so, I was inspired to become a better person not only for myself, but for others. He made me want to someday become a great mentor and to influence a young person's life just like how he influenced my own." - Jason Rivas, year-long Mentee

"Patrick had a wonderful balance of seriousness and lightness. There are some heavy discussions that have to happen in order to go deep inside ourselves and he was right there understanding, feeling and encouraging depth. And then he was able to relate to everyone by bringing humor to the situation to lighten it, but in a way that did not take away from the seriousness." - Karen Beam, Adult Immersion Participant

"On a recent trip to Yosemite, Patrick led us on a hike at 8000 feet. The scenery was spectacular, but it was Patrick's meditation and celebration of our natural world that he led us through that deepened our experience, our ability to see and understand, and our appreciation of what was all around us. I felt truly connected, at a much deeper level, to our beautiful world. It was almost as if he opened a new pathway to experience our lives." - Julie Hill, Adult Immersion Partipant