Weeklong Workshops

Mindfulness + Nature Retreats

Mornings are spent practicing mindfulness, afternoons are spent connecting to the natural world, and evenings are devoted to connecting with one another. Click here to see the full weeklong schedule and testimonials from school leaders of a weeklong retreat held at the  International School of Asia-Karuizawa (ISAK).

Global Leadership + Design Thinking

Patrick leads weeklong workshops combining design thinking, mindfulness, and social innovation. Click here to see one minute video from a weeklong a design thinking + global leadership workshop held at the International School of Asia-Karuizawa (ISAK). 

Daylong or Half Day Workshops

Click here to see a half day workshop at the Walnut Hill School for the Arts. Students were introduced to mindfulness meditation, examined the role of art in social change, and discussed how mindfulness principles can be employed in artistic social change projects.


Heads of School Workshops:  Patrick gives a comprehensive overview of mindfulness programs across the country, lessons learned from schools implementing mindfulness programs, and research demonstrating the efficacy of mindfulness in school settings. Click here to read the description of the full workshop.

Faculty WorkshopsPatrick introduces teachers to the neuroscience and research of mindfulness, practical tools for bringing mindfulness into their classroom, and open discussion about bringing mindfulness into their schools. Click here to see a sample workshop for faculty and staff.